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New Web Apps for December


This month, 1&1 will add more than 4 new Web apps to the growing library available for 1&1 MyWebsite. Web apps bring your website to life by adding functionality from many third-party websites with the click of a button. We have written about the various benefits of such applications in some previous articles. In this article we will briefly explain each new element. Please note that in order for most of the Web apps to function properly, you may need an account with each third-party service.

123 ContactForm
With this app, you can embed any type of form such as contact forms, order forms, event registration forms, etc. to your website. Web forms provide structured feedback from visitors by combining all information into one area.

Checkfront is a tool to make online bookings for tours, activities, and rentals. The app easily accepts online payments to offer convenience for your customers. A secure and easy payment system is very important to users.

ChowNow provides restaurants with three channels of online ordering: directly through their 1&1 MyWebsite, on their Facebook page, and on a custom mobile app. All three channels are customized to reflect your restaurant’s individual brand. Check out a quick overview video here.

With the Merchee app, customers can embed and integrate subscription or product-based payment checkout functionality on their website.

These are simply just 4 of the newest additions to an already extensive library of Web Apps, to learn more about what is available, feel free to check out our previous webinar, as well as visit the 1&1 website for more information.

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