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Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment


If you manage an online store for your business, you have probably encountered shopping cart abandonment, whether you were familiar with the term or not. Basically, when a customer visits your website and begins shopping, they add items to their “cart” through the site. When customers leave your site after adding items to the cart, but before completing the purchase, it is referred to as shopping cart abandonment. Every online store encounters this problem, from small businesses to e-commerce giants such as Amazon. The best remedy for this problem is prevention, and the best way to prevent abandonment is to understand what causes customers to leave the order process in the first place.

What causes customers to abandon their online purchase?

Your online store is too slow.

One of the largest factors for the bounce rate of a website is a slow loading time. This can negatively affect any part of your website, and not just the online store. When a customer has to wait longer than a few seconds for each section of your store to load, they will become frustrated and less likely to do business with you. Optimize the store as best as you can to make sure the checkout process is quick and seamless for your customers.

Your check-out process is too complicated.               

Customers will be more likely to commit to a purchase if they are comfortable. If your online store has too many complicated steps, or require things such as a lengthy registration process just to purchase something, they will become frustrated and more likely to find a competitor with a better alternative. Create options on your online store that allow for flexibility with each one of your customers. Allow them to make a purchase without having to create some kind of account with your business, and your sales may increase. Additionally, if you can support it, you should offer multiple payment options. PayPal is usually a good option, but if you can accept multiple credit cards you may find that customers are more likely to buy from you.

Have you come up with other ways to improve your store’s shopping cart abandonment? Let us know in the comments!

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