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Daniel Y
Daniel Y.
1&1 Online Success Center

Webinar on YouTube: The Power of Video Marketing


On behalf of 1&1 and Viewbix, we would like to thank you for attending Wednesday’s webinar entitled, “The Power of Video to Transform your Online Marketing.”  This webinar demonstrated the ease with which you can incorporate video into your 1&1 MyWebsite and your overall online marketing program.

Using the Viewbix video player, you can instantly turn viewers of your video displayed on your website or on Facebook into customers.

A recording of the webinar is available below, and on the 1&1 YouTube channel.

The agenda for this webinar:

1.     What is Video Marketing?

2.     Best practices for leveraging video to drive more leads, sales and fans.

3.     Video Marketing on Social Media

4.     Don’t forget about Mobile

5.     Using analytics and A/B Testing to improve performance

6.     How to use Viewbix’s Video Marketing Platform on your 1&1 Web page

7.     Q&A

To access the PowerPoint presentation shown in the webinar please visit:http://www.slideshare.net/1and1/the-power-of-video-marketing-a-webinar-by-1and1-and-viewbix.

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